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School 2.0 Subjects

School 2.0 Subjects

    1. Music

    Most songs repeat the same four courts. Learn them and you can play 90% of songs.

    Before singing hum. This is the level you should be singing at throughout the song.

    When doing karaoke pick a song everyone can sing along to (500 miles). The IKEA effect will take place (People put a higher value on things they contribute to) and you'll be seen as a much better singer than you are.

    What's repeated, becomes true. Watch what music you listen to, sing depressing lyrics all day and it won't be long till you're depressed. Angry songs will lead to you becoming an angry person ect.

    Dance. A few minutes dancing, every day will quickly lead to a happier life.

    2. Art

    Golden ratio. Position objects on these lines to make a much more aesthetically pleasing piece.

    Restraints. Art works best when you place limits.

    It's not for everyone. Aim to please a small set of people.

    Rubbish - Look around museums and you'll soon find artwork that you consider rubbish. This rubbish artwork is selling for millions. If they can do it. So can you.

    3. Maths

    Learn how to read data. Many problems are based of misinterpreting data. I recommend the book 'Factfullness.'

    Program. Programing puts more complicated mathematics to use.

    Asians learn mathematics quicker as the numbers are much easier to say than in English eg. seven (Eng) chi(Chinese). seventeen (Eng) shi chi (Chinese, 10, 7). Having a head start right from the beginning allows them to focus on the harder stuff at an earlier age.

    4. Language

    Focus on conversations. This is what you're learning for.

    Chunking. Instead of learning 'apple' learn 'I like apples'. they're stored the same, but one sounds far more impressive.

    Linking. Always link new language back to something you have previously learnt. This makes remembering them much easier.

    5. Cooking


    Onions/Garlic base. Most dishes start this way. Learn how to do this and your off to a great start.

    Herbs/Spices. Learn what works well together. You don't need much to turn a dish from a 4/10 to a 8/10.

    Stocks. The right stock can move that 8/10 to a 10/10

    Pasta. Rice. Learn to cook these and you've got cheep healthy meals whenever you need them.

    potatoes. Boil your potatoes separately before adding to your dish. This softens them up and gets rid of the starch.

    6. PE

    Martial Arts. Learn how to defend yourself and you'll be far less scared and get into far less bother.

    Health. Learn to stay healthy. Not to be the best on the team.

    Skateboarding. It was never an option where I grew up, but I think a lot of the kids that disliked PE would happily do it if they could skate.

    7. Philosophy

    Seek out quotes you like.

    Write your own rules. Amend as you learn more.

    How should you act?

    How should you think?

    What is wisdom?

    8. Your Turn

    How do you think we should teach school subjects?

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