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Scottish politics

What I'd like to see from our new leader 

Scottish politics

    1. Education reset

    Kids nowadays are entering a different world than we did, so why are we educating them in the same way?

    A few of my suggestions -

    There's a push for inclusive learning (everyone regardless of background gets the same level of education), but in the documents describing this there's a push for 'celebrating diversity'. I don't agree that we should be celebrating the fact someone's a different race, sexuality or has a disability. Celabrate characteristics that matter, that you'd like to see more of 'good friend', 'most improvement', 'best marks' ect. Not 'black person'. As Martin Luther King said - I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. I have a dream today!

    2. NHS fix

    First off a focus on prevention. Encourage more of a healthy lifestyle. Not through increasing prices, but on education. Teach people how to cook, encourage buisnesses that promote socialising without alcahol, use tax to pay for the unemployed to go to sports classes /gym. Have psychology lessons in school to help reduce mental health problems later in life. Encourage meditation. Stress kills. If you do all that patients will reduce.

    Then you focus on training more Dr's and building more hospitals (if needed) 

    Is the management the problem? Have outsiders look at how it's being done and offer solutions. 

    3. Mental Health

    It kills. I don't want to see anyone else dying due to it. Psychology lessons, phylosophy lessons and a push to write your own rules /values, gym /sports clubs, social focused buisness (cafes, restaurants, laser quest, rock climbing ect.), healthy eating, self talk lessons,will all help reduce the severity of mental health problems.

    A push on solutions rather than acceptance. 

    4. Focus on the future

    ... Not on independence. Focus on improving cities for us to live in. Focus on making people happier. Focus on creating a smarter country.

    We need a united focus. We can't all agree on independence, but we can all agree on a better Scotland for all of us. 

    5. Entrepreneur

    We're in a age where everyone can easily run their own business. Make books, make merch prints, online courses, ect. We're in the age of creation. Teach people how to create. Happiness levels will rise as people begin working on what they want.  Ai/robots will soon take over most jobs, the time to prepare for that is now. 

    6. Colour

    Or art in general. Paint up cities

    Make them look brighter. 

    Add leds to the paths for a nice nighttime walk. 

    Have unique manhole cover designs like in Tokyo. 

    Paint hidden creatures throughout the city and encourage residents to explore and find them all. 

    Social spots - Most people drink due to a lack of anything else to do. Shopping, cinema, arcades, sports centre, ski slope, go karting, laser quest, comedy bar, ect. 

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