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Seeing Beyond Logic's Blind Spots. (1 min 40 sec)


    1. Creation is an Illusion.

    Change and experiences are "perceptions" influenced by the ego's belief in separation from God (Oneness). Picture a dream where you see different people and places. They seem real but when you wake up you realize it was all a projection of your mind.
    Is everything you see and experience real, or could there be more to it?
    How are your beliefs shaping what you perceive?

    2. God is Oneness.

    God is not a separate being who creates, but rather the underlying reality of all existence. God is an unchanging unity of love and consciousness. Think of a vast ocean; individual waves appear and disappear, but the ocean itself remains constant.
    Can you imagine a reality beyond individual things where everything is connected? How might this understanding change your perspective on yourself and others?

    3. Limitations of logic.

    Logic and reason, while valuable tools are limited by the ego's focus on separation and judgment. An understanding of Oneness comes from recognizing our connection through intuition, love, and forgiveness. Relying on a map to navigate a city provides a helpful overview, yet to genuinely experience the city, you must stroll its streets and immerse yourself in its culture.
    Are there things you can't understand with just logic, like love or beauty? How can you open yourself up to different ways of knowing?
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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