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Steve Alvest


Seemingly contrarian theories that may be true

(I have no idea why "Instant Generate" cover image made this, but I like it)


    1. Artificial intelligence is good for creativity

    Artificial intelligence generates text using previously written ideas. There is no longer any value in rehashing old ideas, since the AI can do that effortlessly. This frees humans from the task of summarizing old ideas and allows people to focus on creating new creative content.

    2. Constraints fuel creativity

    Creativity comes from finding novel solutions around constraints. If you had no constraints, there would be no incentive to come up with a creative solution. Every creative endeavor starts with constraints, and the more constraints there are, the more creative the solutions will be.

    For example, if I said "here is $100,000,000, now go start a business with it," your business would probably be quite uncreative. However, if I only gave you $100 to start a business, and told you that your business must cater to motorcycle enthusiasts, your solution would probably be highly creative.

    3. You get more work done when you sleep more and work less

    Most people think if they sleep 4 hours a night, drink five cups of coffee, and power through 12 hour workdays, they would get the most done. But I'll bet if they slept 8 hours a night, cut down the coffee, and worked regular 8 hour workdays, they would be even more productive.

    4. The more proactive you are in the stock market, the smaller your returns

    Most people mess with their investment holdings too much. They tend to buy when sentiment is high and the investments are overpriced, and sell when everyone's pessimistic and the stocks are selling at bargain prices. However, I think most people would get higher returns if they just buy and hold every investment long term, no matter what the business news pundits say.

    5. The faster you try to make money, the less success you will have in making money

    It's like money is repelled by desperation. I've found that if you just concentrate on doing the work and helping people over the long term, you will accumulate money. The moment you try to crank up the marketing engine and dive into get-rich-quick schemes, people grab their cash and run away.

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