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Seven Ideas for Being More Open to Love

Preface: I can't believe I'm spilling my guts to strangers. This is a topic I am not even comfortable discussing with friends! Well, you have been warned.

My heart is like a fortified castle.

I rarely allow a woman to come *anywhere* close.

Not to mention allowing her to enter the castle of my heart!

The fortifications make me feel safe. But also lonely!

I miss cuddling. Falling asleep on someone's shoulder...

So I want to open up more. Lift up the gates for a few select guests.

Here are seven ideas for myself for how I can do that.

Seven Ideas for Being More Open to Love

    1. Dancing

    Dancing is a physical language.

    Intuitively, I think fluency in this language will also allow me to open up more in other ways.

    2. Allowing friends to set me up

    I trust my friends

    They should be allowed to set me up for a date!

    3. Allowing myself to meet more women

    I am not quite sure how. My time is pretty much fully booked already!

    But there must be a way.

    I might make an idea list for this.

    4. More wellness

    Saunas! Massages! Floating tanks!!

    Opening up is easier when feeling more relaxed.

    5. Allowing myself to have casual sex

    This is definitely a weakness.

    I simply cannot do casual sex

    Call it demisexuality, but I can't.

    I would like to try if I can find the courage though. I think it would help me grow.

    6. Asking friends for help

    Everything becomes easier when you have a team

    We don't have to fight all battles alone!

    So why not ask my friends for advice on how to be more vulnerable?

    7. Taking life as it comes

    In the end, love is completely out of control.

    I just need to take life as it comes.

    Neither forcing nor fearing anything.

    Perfect equanimity.

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