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Shadows of Perception; Unveiling Truth. (2 min 7 sec)


"Shadows of Perception" is a metaphorical exploration of how our perceptions create shadows and distortions of reality. Our 'shadows' are the misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and incomplete truths that arise from our limited and subjective way of viewing the world. What we perceive is not the full reality, but rather a shadow of it, influenced by our individual experiences, beliefs, and biases.
"Unveiling Truth," is a process of moving beyond these shadows. It's time to move to a deeper, more accurate understanding of reality as we learn to see beyond the limitations of our personal perceptions. 

    1. God punishes sinners.

    God is only loving and does not punish. God views sin as a misperception, not a punishable offense.

    2. God demands sacrifice.

    God does not require sacrifice, as true love and Oneness, which are of God, entail no loss or suffering.

    3. God is fear-inducing.

    God is love and that fear is a creation of the ego, not of God.

    4. God created the world.

    The physical world is an illusion, a product of the separated mind, not a creation of God.

    5. God favors the righteous.

    God loves unconditionally and does not show favoritism, as all beings are equal in love.

    6. God has wrath.

    God is only capable of love and does not experience anger or wrath.

    7. God is distant.

    God is always internally present and accessible, and not distant or separate from us.

    8. God judges our deeds.

    God does not judge but only extends love and forgiveness.

    9. God plans our lives.

    We have free will and make choices based on perception, while God simply is the source of love.

    10. God is pleased by worship.

    God does not require worship or rituals, as the connection to God is through love and forgiveness, not external practices.
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