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Short bit's of advice that come to mind

Random bits of advice.

    1. How much credibility should you give anonymous sources?

    Multiple credible anonymous sources told me that you still wet the bed?  

    Should we trust those sources?  Of course not, because it's far to easy to lie about it and never be called out (as you wouldn't want to revial their names or details for their own safety).

    The media has top stories based on anonymous sources all the time, you should give them the same amount of credibility.  None

    2. React as if the person is acting like you want them to

    I guess this is gaslighting.

    If someone's angry and acting like a brat just pretend their not angry and are just putting on a funny act for you, their friend.  Once you get them laughing they'll soon see their actions through this new lens and their anger will significantly fall.

    I don't like anger folk.  Maybe this is manipulative, but is it wrong?  I don't think so.

    3. Sleep

    If you're angry or sad, sleep.  It's amazing how much better you'll feel after a nap.

    4. Help

    Helping people is good, but don't go so far that they see you as a safety net.  No Matt how bad life gets you'll always be there to catch them, because once they assume that they take more risks, because they have nothing to lose.  It's tough taking a step back, but If you don't you'll go insane and end up hating them.  Don't give hate a space to grow.

    5. Don't complain

    Even when things get tough.  Complaining just makes things worse.  What was once a cut turn's into a gaping hole, blood gushing everywhere.  We hype up small things when we complain and before long we believe the hype to be true.  If it's ongoing the last thing you want to do is make things worse and complain always makes things worse.
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