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Short books for children

Short books I can write and illustrate or take photos for, for children, using my home setting. Now that I have preschool-aged grandchildren, I'd like to write short stories about everyday things around the home.

Short books for children

    1. A day in the life of our dogs

    We have 2 small dogs and lots of photos of them.

    2. The peg that got lost

    A peg falls under the deck and has adventures getting back.

    3. What Teddy does when everyone is asleep

    The interaction between the toys.

    4. Harry the hedgehog check out the back garden

    Get a toy hedgehog for this one.

    5. What the spider saw

    A high and wide-angle view of events around the house.

    6. R2V2 gets stuck

    We named our robo-vacuum cleaner R2V2. One day it gets stuck and runs out of power because someone left toys scattered on the floor.

    7. R2V2 goes wild

    R2V2 sucks up some lollies and gets a burst of energy. Vacuums the walls, ceiling, bookcase and anything else in the room.

    8. Potatoes in the pantry

    A potato is left too long in the pantry and starts to grow limbs. What if finds in the back of the pantry.

    9. What's in the pantry?

    Ingredients in the pantry boast about their usefulness but find that they are their best when they work in unison.

    10. Potty the plant.

    Someone puts too much fertilizer in an indoor plant and it grows to take over the room. (An experiment in false scale photography)

    11. Bonus: R2V2 takes Teddy for a ride.

    A video from a camera mounted on R2V2.

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