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Short film ideas

I delved into a dark part of my mind with these. If you're easily offered I'd skip this list, for the rest of you, hope you enjoy.

    1. Junkieman

    I've had this idea for a really long time, but never persuade it.

    Junkie man is a story of a smart man, turned hopeless loser, who, with the power of a special drug, grows into the greatest superhero the world has ever seen. But there's a twist, the monsters he's fighting, can only be seen by people who take the drug.

    The story starts with Joe and the death of his junkie roommate. At the funeral he meets 'shaman', his old roommates dealer. Shaman invites him and a few others to the woods, where he performs a ritual and gets them all to take a special drug. The drug allows them to see a spiritual word, it's beautiful until a monster appears. Shaman then jumps up, performs magic and destroys it. He explains that these monsters cause real damage to the world and that he's wanting to put together a team to help destroy them. He has drugs that allow them to see the monsters and others that will increase their strength and give them magic powers. So Joe agrees and that's the start of the story. He trains punching lampposts, kicking trees, pushing people to save them from monsters only he can see (Don cayotie style) and he starts to love life again. He has a purpose. One day he takes to many drugs and when the other hero's and shaman come back from drinking he mistakes them for zombies and kills them. He now has a limited supply of magic drugs and goes into a depression about having no friends left. He then saves a girl and falls in love with her, she loves him and they have a relationship. She takes him out of his depression and she helps him fight monsters. One day his parents manage to trap him and send him to rehab. He slowly stops seeing monsters. His parents are convinced that they don't exist. Noones ever seen his girlfriend so they don't believe she exists either, and Joe he's not the hero he imagined himself to be. He's skinny, sick and very weak. He gets out and sees the world for what it is, for who he is, a nobody. He lost all purpose he had, noone is willing to give him a chance. He then has a sudden flash. He sees the spirit world again, he then sees his girlfriend run to attack a flying monster only to be caught by it as it flys high ontop of a building. John then runs home grabs his last hidden stash of drugs and runs to the top of the flat. He manages to get onto the roof, takes all the drugs, becomes super power and starts to float. He then fights the flying monster. And the film ends with him jumping high (like shaman at the start) punching the monster and falling through it. He continues to fall as the illusion of the spirit world fades. And the junkie slowly falls from the top of the building. Then it fades to black.

    *a story that's been in my mind for so long. I enjoy it, but it'll probably take some time to tweak before others do.

    2. Living room

    A film that takes place in just one room. A party takes place. Everyone's having fun until someone storms in. 'who wiped their crap on the bathroom walls. It's disgusting'. An investigation then takes place. We never find out who did it, but the start of the film is filled with clues, who leaves the room, what's on people's hands. Ect.

    *this one is really daft I know. Not all ideas will be good ideas.

    3. Tramps of Cumbernauld

    When we were teenagers we found a sofa lying in the street, so we decided to make a movie about the homeless finding it and becoming like royalty towards the other homeless, because they now owned a sofa.

    I think we could even redo that premise. Tramp finds sofa, brags to friends, becomes famous, other tramps bring gifts for the chance to sit on it. It could end with another one finding a something better (a gameboy hidden under a cushion).

    4. Ask her out

    A short film where a guy sees a girl he likes from across the room. He goes through his mind different ways of asking her out and her response to them. It ends with the girl turning to her friends and saying 'is he alright, he's been staring at me for the last 10 minutes', cut to him in a stupid daze. (that or she could have a stronger reaction and slap him).

    5. Lonely

    Short clips of a group of friends. There's one guy they all look up to and love. Finishes with them all at the bar talking then a wide shot of the 'cool guy' as a loser talking to himself.

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