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I've almost finished my popeman story.  Really happy with how it's turned out.  I think I'll go back and touch it up a little, but for the most part it's done.  It's been a fun project I'd like to continue writing, so here's a few ideas I could pursue next.

    1. Junkie Cars

    Whilst working I saw a junkie go 'bbbrrooommm I'm a moter ' whilst running around the store.

    A story about a business man who starts a new spot - junkie cars.  After watching junkies race around the street he begins hiring junkies to race against his friend's junkies.

    Before long these friendly race's grow into the biggest sport in the country.  But the best racer soon wants off the drugs and to become sober.  Meaning he'll no longer qualify.  So the business man spikes him to make sure he's still able to qualify, wrecking the man's life in the process.

    2. Fat is beautiful

    I wrote this ages ago.  I could easily touch this up.

    In a world where fat is beautiful. Woman have turned into beach whales. Men are all whistling and cat calling these fatties, but 1 man just isn't able to see the truth, that fat is beautiful . In his messed up mind, fat is disgusting (I know it's really hard to believe, but just try) . This story is about him. Let's call him Billy, because not seeing the truth (that fat is beuitiful) , makes him a real silly Billy. 

    Billy is just chilling at the bar having a few drinks when a rhino of a woman comes up to talk to him. He's appears to be a gentleman and has some small chat with her. Then she asks him to dance. He declines and says 'You're not really my type, sorry'. then she starts to cry 'you don't think I'm beautiful. I guess I'm too fat for you' everyone hears her cries and turns to look disgustingly at the man. How dare he not find this beast of a woman attractive. Feeling guilty he takes back his rejection and dances with it. 

    Eventually he walks her home she kisses him and she pushes him inside her house. He's cringing and starting to cry, but goes along to be nice. until she strips. Then he's physically sick. All over her bedroom floor. Bbbbllugghh! 'no I can't take this anymore you're bloody disgusting. You're a pure beast. Fats not beautiful! You hear me it's bloody disgusting! ' 

    Flash forward a few month and Billy's in court. Getting attacked by this Rhino. So you're saying the defendant raped you. 'Why would I do that she's disgusting. Just look at her' . Everyones mouths drop. There amazed that anyone could even think that a beuitiful and fat princess of a woman is anything less than perfect. 'she wanted me, but I said no cause she's a disgusting fat mess' wow. This changes everything rape is bad but this is serious. You body shamed a woman when she was at her most vulnerable. How dare you! '. The judge looks around the room' I don't think anything more needs to be said. This man is a monster and I sentence him to death. '

    So yeah, the moral of the story is. Fat is beautiful and we all need to stop fat shaming. Or something like that, who knows. 

    3. Junkie man

    A man taken drugs in order to gain superpowers and fight off monsters.  He's the only one who can see these monsters.  People who care for him try to get him off the drugs, but as a result he looses his powers.  What's more important defeating monsters or his health?

    4. Love story

    A short love story.  An awkward kids quest to find love, failing a lot along the way.

    I like these types of movies.  Romance that isn't Disney magic, but actually about real people with flaws.  I don't want them to be evil, but I'd like them to be stupid and slowly grow throughout the story.

    5. Last man on earth

    An isolated loser runs out of food so venture's outside to get more.  But noones outside.  No one's in the store.  Is he the last man alive?  What happened.

    The reality is that it's during the 2020 pandemic, but since he avoids the news and people in general he doesn't know.  He can have a fun filled day by himself, doing everything he was always to shy to do.  Maybe he can make friends with some homeless people that missed out on the news as well.

    6. The wrong funeral

    Someone arrives to the wrong funeral.  When he tries to leave he gets evil eyes off everyone.  When he pulls out his phone to text he gets growls.  When he doesn't want to share a story about the deceased they boo.  So he lies, he constructs an amazing story about the little that he does know about the person (based on previous stories).  They then all love him and want more stories.
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