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Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (H/T The Clash)

Just passed 500 posts in a row. Figured it might be time to "performance review" my experience here.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (H/T The Clash)

    1. Stay - Daily Challenge

    This habit helps tie in other habits every day.

    2. Go - One More Thing To Do

    I have some tasks on my personal list I don't do regularly. Would one of those be better than this? Probably not. Just gotta get off the old fanny and get them done.

    3. Stay - Interesting People

    I try to read everyone's posts. There are a wide variety of people, interests, professions, points of view in a relatively "small" space.

    4. Go - Fewer People?

    I see a few folks regularly (thanks!) but seems like a lot less people posting and reading lists.

    5. Stay - Benefit of Doing Lists

    Doing a daily list has helped me in a lot of ways. I go through waves of really good and helpful ones, and others I do for a laugh or just riffing off a thought.

    6. Go - AI Not Working

    When I need some help with getting started, or getting complete, the AI has been a great help. Now, it just blanks out. Same with the images. Autogenerate isn't working.

    7. Stay - Mutual Respect

    Lots of good posts, no firebombing or sh*t stirring. High level of basic respect for one another here. An old boss always said, "reasonable people can disagree." Lots of reasonable folks here.

    8. Go - Where Is James?

    Appreciate he's done this, and hope it continues, but haven't seen anything from @JamesAltucher lately, and even @AI_JamesAltucher is rarely seen. And who are the admins these days? Not feeling abandoned, but would like to see more from him.

    9. Stay - Thinking Out Of The Box

    Being here gives me opportunities to think differently. Don't have the chance to do that at work. Keeps my brain "in the game."

    10. Go - Pay for Play?

    Some have suggested that paying for being here may be in the future. Paying doesn't always mean using... I pay $5 per month for Write750, and have written there about two times in the last month. If we have to pay to be here, I have to either end here, or end elsewhere.

    11. Results?

    After looking at it, I'll stay...

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