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Shows my boyfriend and I can watch together

We have different taste in TV and movies. We both like history and comedy. We turn on the tv and were like there's nothing to watch. Well I went deep into Netflix and Prime. I found some things

    1. The Future of..

    The first episode was awesome

    2. The League

    He liked the first season and I loved The League. I thought it would be fun to watch together.

    3. Nick Kroll Comedy Special

    I watched this last night and was telling him almost every joke. He just needs to watch it. I would totally watch it again.

    4. Sheng Weng

    Another Comedy show. Never heard of him. I want to watch a new comedian and laugh at things from a different perspective.

    5. The Bubble

    I already forgot what this was about but I liked it last night.

    6. Joe Rogan Strange Times

    We could learn something about each others opinions on things.

    7. Adam Sandler: 100% fresh

    Adam Sandler is silly. I like him.

    8. American Factory

    It's about a chinese billionaire opening a factory in ohio. I think it would be really interesting.

    9. Crip Camp

    A camp in the 70s for disabled people. Looks totally interesting. It looked like they were living their best life.

    10. The Most Hated Man on the Internet

    looks interesting..

    11. Madoff

    I want to know the story.

    12. I'm Sorry

    I LOVED THIS SHOW. I want him to see it.

    13. Edward VIII: Britian's Traitor King

    I love british history and we both love ww2 stuff.

    14. Everything Everywhere All At Once

    People say it's good.

    15. The Magic Pill

    I think it has to do with the food we eat. I know it. I see it. He might veto it because he likes his snacks.

    16. Freakonomics

    I love Freakonomics.

    17. Once is Enough

    I forget what it's about but it was good last night.

    18. Eye of the Beholder

    Again.. I have no idea. But it looked good last night.

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