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Signs of success that don't involve having a lot of money.

People waste time focusing on the wrong things. Figure yourself out, what you really need to be happy (probably less than you think), achieving what really makes you happy results in success.

    1. Happy at home

    Choosing the right partner might just be a matter of luck but we've been married for 29 years, we're on the same page for life priorities, we're still very attracted to each other and we enjoy each other's company immensely.

    2. Make enough $$ to pay the bills and save for the future with a little leftover for fun.

    An easy path to achieving this is to live below your means. Buy less house than you can afford with a 15 year mortgage, drive Toyotas for 20 years and strike a balance between not buying a bunch of stuff but investing in what might make your life easier.

    3. Able to set your schedule or "own your time."

    Not having a regular commute, not punching a clock, building your own schedule are all signs of freedom. What better form of success is there than if you're doing what you want every day.

    4. Don't be envious of others.

    I was fortunate to lose envy when I was pretty young. When I see someone who is clearly more successful than me I assume they are either smarter, work harder, luckier or some combo of all three. Yes, some people are luckier or at least they appear to be.

    5. Be genuinely happed for others' success.

    That probably overlaps with number 4 but being genuinely happy for others means less negative energy that you'll carry or expose yourself to.

    6. Make your health a higher priority.

    I would say being fit and healthy is more important than anything except the health/wellbeing of spouse/children. Every aspect of life is easier and better when you're healthy, not taking a bunch of pills, still able to lift heavy things and doing what you want to do. At 60, would you rather have millions but forced into a wheelchair on oxygen or merely be financially comfortable but able to do anything physically that you want to do?

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