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Sophia Q


Simple, Inexpensive Ideas to Make a City or Town More Enjoyable To Live In

I consider myself a city person, but grew up in a small town in CT. This list consists of things I appreciated growing up in my town along with things I wish we'd had.

    1. Green space downtown where people can meet

    Maybe this is the New Englander in me talking

    2. Bike lanes

    Incentivizing alternative, healthy ways to get around

    3. Good restaurants and coffee shops

    Preferably not chains, although they can be fun too.

    4. Options for rec leagues for people of all ages

    This makes it easy to meet your neighbors and make new friends while staying active. It's about developing community as much as staying active.

    5. Sidewalks and pedestrian signals

    Important so that people can walk around easily without fearing for their lives.

    6. A great local library

    I feel like our town library was my favorite place to hang out growing up. Yes, I'm a nerd.

    7. Town governance policies that encourage layperson participation

    Otherwise stated as: opportunities for residents to actively participate in how they're governed

    8. Initiatives to keep the community clean

    E.g. ordinances against littering, neighborhood cleanup days, free strategically-placed baggies to clean up dog waste

    9. Flowers

    Wild or cultivated. Everywhere and anywhere. They make everything more beautiful

    10. Community, in whatever form it takes

    Definitely the most important point on this list.

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