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Simple, Inexpensive Ideas to Make a City or Town More Enjoyable To Live In

    1. Walking

    It's always fun to walk around an area, to look for something specific like windows, doors or, in my case, grunge or street art. Even if you've lived somewhere for a long time, there's always something you've missed

    2. Photography

    This links with the idea above - take more photographs of the place you live. It doesn't have to be anything special. Sometimes just documenting the changes in the seasons or simply photographing what you see gives you a greater appreciation for a place.

    3. Cafés

    I have my favourites and I keep a list of places I love to go. I frequent cafés depending on my mood, whether I'm alone or with someone, if I want to write or absorb the ambience. A café for every season!

    4. Art Galleries and Museums

    These are often free to visit. If it's a local place, why not focus on a room or a display and learn everything there is to know. Soon you'll become quite an expert.

    5. Churches

    I'm not a church goer but I love churches. I love the history, the peace and quiet, the architecture and imagining all the people who've gone before me whose footsteps have trodden the same floors.

    6. Talking to people

    Listening to other people's stories is a great way to connect. Be open to ad hoc and random conversations. They're often the most fun.

    7. Make friends

    Wherever you go, make friends especially in shops or other establishments. We have a favourite café because they know us in there, look after us, are pleased to see us. We are always welcomed.

    8. Community

    Be part of the local community. Whether you live in a city or a village, there is always some sort of community there. Tap into that, get involved. Being a part of something makes life much nicer.

    9. Support local business

    We buy from the butcher, the fruit and veg shop, the florist, the farm shop. Again, it's nice to be known and to also help keep a shop in business.

    10. Find outdoor spaces

    There is usually a great park somewhere or areas to walk. In a city, this can be a sanctuary away from busy-ness. In more rural areas, it helps you appreciate what's around you.

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