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Simple solutions

Own your day, own your destiny.

How to own your day?

    1. First things First

    Do the things you love first thing in the morning. You wake up with excitement and readiness. Your days start on a high. e.e yoga, walk, read books, paint, write a blog post etc


    2. No Alarms

    Maintain a sleep schedule. Eventually you wont need an alarm to wake you up.

    3. Nap

    10 -20 mins. Steal some time between lunch time and evening,

    4. Improve your Well-Being

    Drink two glasses of water immediately you wake. Drink a glass of water before meals.

    5. Skin Care

    Wash your face before and after sleep. Wash your body before you sleep.

    6. Dental Care

    Brush your teeth before you sleep.

    7. Digital Wellbeing

    Deactivate all social media/messaging notifications. Disable internet data while you sleep. \enable internet data after you have finished your morning routine. Set timers for maximum 1 hour across all social media. Do not snooze.

    8. No Cash

    Trace and account your spending- pay with your credit card, phone, that way you can see how you spend money. What are some good apps for showing infographics on spending money?

    9. Delete Downloads

    Maintain a clean download folder. Movies, pictures, documents, be sure to use them immediately, then delete. This will increase your productivity, and clear your to do lists aka procrastination!

    10. Barefoot

    When chilling outside remove your shoes/socks. let your skin touch the ground.

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