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Sinking funds that I am working toward

I just got married so I need to adjust my savings goals.

That was a big goal that I had been saving for a long time. Now that is done and it is time to dream a little bit bigger.

    1. New car

    My current car should last a few more years, but I would like to have an electric truck or SUV at some point and that is most likely going to be expensive so I am saving for that.

    2. Rental property - business opportunities

    I would like to own a rental property to see if I want to get more involved in real estate.

    I definitely want to start and run my own business that generates more cash flow.

    3. Computer replacement

    Right now I have a mac mini that I use personally and then a work Dell laptop. I think I would like to have my next computer be a MacBook Pro laptop which has a price high price tag.

    4. Healthcare

    My big healthcare account is my Health Savings Account.

    But I prefer to pay as much healthcare costs out of pocket as possible. In order to do that it is a smart idea to bookmark money specifically for future health costs.

    5. More charitable giving

    Right now I support WorldVision, Susan G. Komen, Kiva etc.

    I would love to contribute more to these organizations and others.

    One day I am going to create my own charity or charitable trust that funds organizations.

    6. Home repairs/upgrades

    My home has come along way since I have owned it, but I have more upgrades planned.

    - Foundation, windows, sprinkler, garage door.

    I already have money put aside for various tasks, but would like to add more just to make sure that I have enough to cover everything.

    Will also be submitting the repairs to the city in order take advantage of the home improvements program.

    7. New Bikes/Skis

    Most of the time I jog around my neighborhood. But there are some nice bike trails around me. Nice road bikes can get pretty expensive along with a personal set of skis and boots.

    8. Travel

    There are many ways to travel on a budget. But it is also nice to not worry about how much things cost when traveling. As I get older I am also enjoying more luxury when I travel. It would be fun to stay at different nice hotels around the world and compare the differences.

    It is also really fun to do a little bit more 'extreme' vacations.

    - African safari

    - Hiking the Andes Mountains

    They are really fun vacations, but the packages can get pricey. But well worth the money.


    Fly private. Rent a yacht.

    9. Personal trainer/maid/lawn/chef

    Never had any of these before. Always just did everything myself, but as my time becomes more valuable I will look into implementing these different people into my life.

    10. Career coaching

    This goes along with the previous point. I have never had a therapist or coach to advise me on my career, but I think it would be helpful to bounce idea off of someone and give me a better perspective on how I can have the most impact.

    11. Tom Ford custom suit


    I don't really even care much about clothing. But I want to experience of flying to New York City and having a private appointment at the Tom Ford store and I get to create my own custom tailored suit.

    12. RH


    I want to build my own custom home and use the interior design services of RH to outfit the entire home.

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