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Skills I forgot

Just as some species have lost certain skills because they no longer need them, I used to be able to do some things that I can no longer do today.


    1. Financial accounting and cost accounting

    That was part of my high school diploma. However, I never had any use for it.

    2. The basics of karate including the kata Heian Shodan

    Why did I want to learn that in the first place? Never enjoyed it.

    3. Aikido breakfalls

    4. Knitting and crocheting

    When I was in elementary school, it was considered modern that boys had to learn to knit and crochet too. Today it would be cool to be able to knit socks and scarves myself, but I don't know how to do it anymore.

    5. Reading and writing shorthand

    The horrible woman who taught it to us in high school, however, would deny I ever could do it.

    6. Handstand and somersault after a jump on the trampoline

    Sports in junior high school. Today, I would refuse to do something so dangerous and idiotic.

    7. Changing a tire

    Strictly speaking, I never had that ability, even when I passed my driver's license test.

    8. Basic Latin

    9. Reading sheet music (for guitar)

    However, I could never play anything flawlessly on the guitar.

    10. Disassemble and reassemble an assault rifle

    Learned it in the military.

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