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Skills I would like to improve this year

    1. Communication

    I have to give a lot of presentations for work but tend to waffle a lot when I talk, and I talk fast. So I want to improve on this. I want to be able to talk slower, be more concise but also more engaging.

    2. Selling

    Or maybe just be more convincing. Selling ideas to my boss, selling an activity to my family. Selling a reasn why I cant attend an event. Which leads me onto the next point.

    3. Saying No

    I dont like it when people dont like me so I want to please everyone. But I need to learn to say No more, especially to things I dont want to do. My time is important too.

    4. Being selfish, but in a good way

    I go along to something I dont want to do, I'm not happy and neither are the people around me. If I was more selfish and did what I wanted to do instead, then we all would have had a good time. Sometimes you need to put your own needs first, in order to make everyone around you happy.

    5. Coming up with the best solution, not a fast solution

    So many times I solve a problem only to realise a better more elegant way of doing it. I want to be able to create this first.

    6. Typing

    Working on a computer all day. Eveyrone can improve their typing skills

    7. Writing

    Everyone can write but not everyone can write well. If it is going to take 10-20 years to become a good writer I should probably start now.

    8. Swimming

    I enjoy swimming but am not very good at it. Perhaps it is time I get a coach to help with my technique so that it will become more effortless.

    9. Ironing

    I've been ironing my own clothes since I was 14 and I still suck at it. I must be doing something wrong.

    10. Magic

    Eveyone loves a magic trick. Its good to have one up your sleeve to break the ice.

    11. Chess

    I know how the pieces move, I know the rules of the game, but dont know any of the openings or strategies or how to read notation. Urgh, I cant even beat the computer on the easiest settings.

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