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Skills necessary as a Living Statue

H/T @JamesAltucher

This list is in direct response to one of James’ queries

    1. Physical fitness

    Properly painted and textured costumes can get fairly heavy and your body will take stress, strain, and overuse.

    2. Not be allergic to body paint

    3. A fairly high pain endurance

    It can be surprising how sore you will become

    4. Commitment

    Compared to other types of performances, living statues sometimes get a bad rap from the public and entertainers. Like mimes, you have to wear your make up like armor and continue.

    5. A flexible mind

    You have to be able to let your mind wander while still being acutely aware of many subconscious activities that must be controlled. (Blinking, twitching, breathing, etc)

    6. The ability to maintain a stoic exterior.

    Like Buckingham Palace guards, passersby will try almost anything to get you to react.

    7. A clever way to pass the hat

    Since your performance is mainly a passive one, it is especially important to have a great ”hat speech” This can be a specific motion, a great sign, etc. Rarely, you can make an actual brief speech. But this will detract from your performance. You also have to decide what type of collection vessel you want and how it will be displayed.

    8. Focus

    While you are standing (or sitting, kneeling) still and only rarely moving or changing position; your performance is continuous. Singers, musicians, comedians, all have momentary breaks or pauses built into the act. The only break you get is when you shift from one position to another.

    9. A knowledge of body mechanics

    While there is theory behind it, you will become much more knowledgeable with a little experience.

    10. Inner calm.

    Fidgeting , sweating, shaking, twitching are all signs of nervousness and stress. All of these take away from your performance. Calm will help you improve.

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