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Sleep Stories: When My Child Can't Sleep

After scaring the shit out of me, he silently creeps up and stares until I jump. In the bed, I have him close his eyes

    1. Floating

    "You are floating up into the sky above the clouds, higher and higher you begin to see the darkness of space. You are getting sleepy and your eyelids are getting heavy. You want to see more but you know you must go into dreams if you want to fly


    2. Flying

    "Now you are going deeper into sleep, the only way to control your flight is to go deeper and deeper into sleep. You begin to look around and you see the clouds below you. You dip in and out of the white clouds as you touch the edges of space. It's ok, because you know when you are dreaming you can breath in space"

    3. Drifting Down

    "You start to drift down as you begin to get sleepier and sleepier. You want to visit the castle you can on see in your dreams. Your eyelids are heavy and it's good so you can see more and more of the castle"

    4. Trees

    "As you drift below the clouds, you feel your body weightless and floating in the sky. You close your eyes and feel the warm sun. In your dream, you begin to see the tree tops and the trees are so tall and you feel the leaves in your fingers as you float by."

    5. Tree House

    "You can't find the castle yet, you must first find the tree house. You know you must go deeper into sleep to find the tree house that leads you to the castle."

    6. Floating Down

    "As you go deeper into sleep and dream you slow down, and you can see the tree house made of wood, it has a porch, and you float slower and slower onto the porch. Standing outside you knock on the door, and no one answers. You are in your dream so you go inside. You look around the room for the magical items hidden inside."

    7. Inside

    "Inside the tree house you find the magical t-shirt that will protect you against anything. You want to test it before you go inside the castle. Nothing can harm you. After you put on the magical shirt that protects you, you find your magical staff. With the magical staff you can cause anyone around you to sleep."

    8. Outside

    "You know to find the castle you must go deeper and deeper into your dream. You go back outside and stand on the porch, deeper and deeper into your dream the castle appears"

    9. The Castle With No Doors

    "You float off of the porch and drift back towards the clouds looking for the door to the castle"

    10. Sleep

    "You slow down more and more to find the secret entrance. Going deeper and deeper into the dream, only then will the doorway appear. You are safe and sleepy and the door begins to appear you fly, slowly, upward to the tower. The more you sleep the door appears clearer and clearer."

    11. Asleep

    He's usually asleep by now.

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