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Small updates for Popeman and Choirboy

I uploaded part 5 today hope you enjoy.

    1. Add videos to blog posts

    Anyone who comes across my blog can watch the video or read it themselves.

    2. School

    The next chapter involves Francis's school.  I can do some research and add in the worst 'scientific ' reasons the bible is true.

    'why are there still monkeys?'

    'Its more likely that a tornado in a dump puts together a fully functioning plane that it is that humans evolved '

    'The science is always changing.  You guy's once believe the earth went round the sun.  We've always believed the same thing, because unlike you.  We're right.'

    3. Investigation

    I didn't have much of an investigation period.  I'd like to do more with that.  Break into the mosque.  Break into the homeless camps..

    They can find out that they're feeding the homeless 'Halal' food at the mosque and find out that this food is turning the homeless into Muslims at the homeless camp.  Finally they can see the homeless camped outside buildings and add 2 and 2 together together 100.  

    4. Christmas

    I mention Christmas late in the story.  Maybe I can bring it up sooner.  Maybe a Christmas cracker can be the trigger that makes the boys all end up with the absurd conclusion that they all come to. 

    Bang! - Christmas terror attack.  The homeless bums are all going to explode and destroy the city.

    5. Red Christmas

    The final solution could go on for longer.  I could add in more fights.
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