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Social Media Posts That Annoy Me

There's plenty of idiotic posts on social media, that worst thing about them is so many view them as wise.

    1. Boys Get Sad Too

    It's a clothing company that keeps popping up on my feeds.  Why do I dislike it?  Because it's acting like people don't agree with the statement.  You don't see people going '1 + 1 = 2' constantly.  'Listen to me one plus one DOES equal two!' that's how I feel when I see these posts.  Someone shouting the obvious at me as if I disagree with them, as if anyone disagrees.  It's annoying.

    Plus my clothing brand much nicer and more educational -

    2. Facebook Group AI

    If I where to post porn on my feed it would get blocked instantly.  I wouldn't even get to share it.  Yet when people post it to groups it flood's the feed.  Why?

    I'm an admin and instead of having fun and intelligence discussions with members I'm left filtering out stuff that should be automatically blocked.

    3. Threads

    The next few posts will be taken from threads.'Rhe twitter killer' :/

    4. Pro palastine/anti iseral

    And that's putting it nicely.  It's verging on the hateful a lot of the time.  After reading a few post's I now understand that palastine was kind and respectful to Israel for years only for them to recently invade and bite the hand that feeds them.

    5. Trans/non binary

    I think Trans is nonsense, but it's still makes far more sense than non binary.  I see a lot of non binary posts about how the world should change in order to accommodate their sub culture.

    The anger coming from these people is dangerous.  They're ready to explode, I hope I'm not close by when it happens.

    6. Elon musk bad

    And also really really stupid.  It's annoying it's like listening to toddler's call people they don't like poo poo heads over and over again.

    7. Right wing= Nazis

    Whenever I see a comparison to Hitler/Nazi's I grown it's like they have no idea how truly evil they where.  For example a lot of bad people are labelled as 'Litteraly Hitler '. When I see post's like this I like to comment the following - Have you heard of Literally Hitler? Don't confuse him with Adolf. Adolf was the guy with the funny tash during WW2 and was responsible for the death of millions of people. Adolf was a terrible person, but Literally Hitler is much worse, he's offensive.

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