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Social Media Scorched Earth

If you wanted to leave a social media platform, but were concerned about the data that's already been collected from you, what could you do?

    1. Use their tools to delete the data you've uploaded

    Hopefully they are good to their word that it is deleted.

    2. But that doesn't eliminate the conclusions drawn from that data

    It's not hard to imagine that there is a data model of you built around your social media activity. A virtual self.

    3. You Need To Poison/Destroy the Virtual Self

    4. Upload Pictures that aren't of you - and tag them as you

    You could use AI to create pictures of you to see what facial recognition picks out as your relevant features, or even use AI to create "anti-you" images. After a while, the model should not have a clear picture of what your face looks like.

    5. Randomize text posts

    post status updates and such that veer wildly from your usual tastes and views. Blur the lines on what your preferences are.

    6. Randomize Likes

    similar to the above, it should appear random and deviate a lot from your actual preferences.

    7. Slowly Delete Contacts

    Start with the most important people in your life, and then be left with random aquaintances.

    8. Add more random contacts

    heck, at this point follow those awful bots back - hopefully there is nothing left of value in the account

    9. Respond to Ads Randomly

    10. Automate the last 5 steps and run for 1 year

    Then finally delete the account.

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