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Solutions to all the big problems

It's a fun game I like to play with friends.  Think of the biggest problems you can, then solve them.

    1. The Russia/Ukraine war

    Swap counties.  Russia takes a few from Ukraine and Ukraine gets a few from Russia.

    2. Mental Health Crisis

    Teach therapy in schools.  Knowing how to reduce your odds of depression is almost as good as a full on cure.  

    Teach philosophy.  Having a set of rules to live by gives your life meaning.

    3. Drug Crisis

    Make life more exciting for these people so that they don't need to drown out life with the drugs.

    More free/cheep entertainment in cities.  More jobs.

    Teach how to start your own business in school's.  That way even if you can't find work you'll know what to do to make money.  And if you're working hard for money you'll have no time to waste it away on drugs.

    4. Low birth rates

    Offer an insertive for having kid's and you'll get more.  Chances are this will lead to a lot of poor people who need that money having kid's the rich people probably won't care.

    Teach how to be better partner's. We learn about how sex can be deadly z but not much about how to treat each other.  Maybe having a higher quality pool to pick from would lead to more people choosing each other.

    5. Climate change

    Those that can should work on developing better alternatives.  Those that can't should use coal and develop their country until they're at a stage where they can.

    Faizing out bad energy will push people to look for alternatives.  And if a good one is found it can be shared with the world.

    I'm sure we'll find better alternatives.  I'm not worried about this.

    6. Homelessness

    Open abandoned buildings and let people live there.  10 year's without use should free it up to the homeless.
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