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Solutions to the big problems

My solutions to some of the biggest problems of today.

Hoping to get some new comedy material out of this.

    1. Trans bathrooms

    A lot of men believe trans women shouldn't be allowed in the woman's bathroom. I say trans women should agree with them and use the mens bathroom again. But, they should aim to creep out as many guys as possible. Dress slutty, stand extra close at urinals do their makeup, take selfies and chat about boys. Before long most men will be fighting for you to use the woman's bathroom again.

    2. Heating Crisis

    This year millions of people won't be able to heat up there homes. What if money wasn't an option? Heat up the earth so much that no-one will be complaining this winter about the cold.

    3. Scottish Independence

    I think Scotland should vote YES to independence so we can get control back of OUR oil. And swiftly shut down all production, in order to save the environment.

    4. Illegal Immigration

    How could we make everyone happy about immigration? Make it so anyone who manages to enter looks like a legend. We should set up a huge obstical course in the sea, around the UK. We could even set up cameras so we can watch as people try to enter. Racists could even man hoses, water bombs and try their best to stop them from completing the course.

    5. Area 51

    Creatures smart enough to make ships that can travel at light speed across the universe aren't smart enough to avoid us with our primitive brains/weapons? I'm not buying it, there's no aliens.

    6. Starving Kids In Africa

    If we just insist that everyone eats everything on their plate their will no longer be starving kids in Africa.

    7. Incels

    Too many crazy single men, but it's an easy fix. Forced marrage.

    8. School

    People go to school for too long. Instead of teaching kids how to think we should teach them how to search. Search google properly and you'll find the answer to all your problems.

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