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Some ideas for how to sleep better at night

I struggle with onset insomnia, so I always have to try different things and remind myself of best practices to help me get to sleep.

Some ideas for how to sleep better at night

    1. Journal at night

    Brain dump at night before bed so you don't feel the need to think about it or try to remember it while you're trying to sleep.

    2. Block out all sources of light

    It's kinda hard to do anything besides sleep in a pitch-black room.

    3. Read fiction before bed

    But not non-fiction, because that might get your brain's gears working hard again.

    4. Meditate

    Clear your mind before sleep.

    5. Keep your room cool

    Especially for men, who tend to sleep better in cooler temperatures (Just the other night, I thought it was too warm and slept without a blanket... but my wife was cold and asked for an extra blanket!)

    6. Make your room smell nice

    I have an essential oil diffuser and enjoy putting hinoki and lavender essential oils in it.

    7. Don't eat too late

    You don't want your stomach working so hard while you're trying to sleep. I find this especially true as I get older.

    8. Keep consistent sleep times

    Set that biological clock.

    9. Take a hot shower

    Something about taking a hot shower then suddenly having your body cool down when you step out helps in falling asleep faster.

    10. Keep a bedtime routine

    It helps get your brain into "sleep mode"

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