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Some initiatives for our household rules

    1. Electronic booking for a washing machine in the basement.

    Right now we are using just a paper planner and pen, hanging on the wall in the basement. But for this, you have to come downstairs and check whether desired date and time are free. Sometimes it's not super convenient. So maybe some shared spreadsheet or calendar will be better.

    However, this might not work for some elderly people as they are not used to such a way of using online services.

    2. Regularly throw away a pile of newspapers on the entrance floor.

    So basically all these advertisement prospects, newspapers are getting accumulated in some plastic box near the entrance as mostly no one needs this stuff. I think it will be great to regularly clean up it and throw them into the paper recycling can. The first who saw an overloaded box - should throw it out.

    3. 3 strikes system for the violation of the quite time in the night.

    I'm really sick of my neighbors.

    4. House chat.

    WhatsApp, Telegram, whatsoever, to share news, announcements, updates, and questions.

    5. Electronic payment for the washing machine.

    It's so complicated to find 50 cents when you are using cashless payments only.

    6. Quitter footsteps on the stairway in the night.

    7. Shared household appliances.

    Drills, pans, buckets, drums ( 🙃 ), etc.

    8. More organised bike storage.

    9. Cut/rip the carton boxes before throwing them into the trash can.

    10. Help elderly people carry bags from the grocery shop.

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