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Some Lies I Have Dispelled

    1. It is expensive to travel

    It's really not. You just need to know a little bit of information. And be able to take the time off work. 

    2. You are never going to retire

    Will happen sooner than later. I will never retire, just change what I do for money. 

    3. Things are getting worse in the world

    I'm glad I was born today than 50 years ago. 

    4. You only have a few skills

    You have so many more skills than you think. And that you could monetize. 

    5. Other cultures are bad or worse than mine

    People are generally the same throughout the world. They have the same needs/wants/dreams.

    6. The stock market is dangerous

    Having a job is dangerous. Stocks I understand better. 

    7. You should listen to other people

    Other people do not have your best interest at heart. You have your best interest in mind. 

    8. You have to wait in line

    No you don't. You just need to know how to find the line you are supposed to be in and it is much shorter. 

    9. Morality is black and white

    It is more often grey and you have to figure out what right and wrong means to you. 

    10. Laws are right and wrong

    No. Government laws are agreed upon rules via 2 political parties. 
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