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Some thoughts on smoothies

I'm at the airport today and have chosen to get a kale-mango smoothie, which has prompted me to reflect on smoothies more generally. Here we go!

    1. I’m glad my company is paying for this

    I understand that we're at an airport and prices are higher than normal, but wow- $10 feels like a lot for a glass of fruit + ice

    2. This is a good way to sneak in veggies

    I couldn't even taste the kale and spinach in my smoothie, but apparently there were two full servings present. 

    3. I prefer my smoothies on the thicker side

    The thinner ones are borderline juice, which is a different drink (and not what I want right now)

    4. There’s no need to add sugar

    With ripe fruit, the smoothie tastes great as is.

    5. I can see why people have smoothies for breakfast

    My smoothie was both filling and rejuvenating. It woke me up and was a great accompaniment to my lunch 

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