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Something I found about Mastodon

I still don't know why I registered there. I don't have any auditory there yet, and I don't have a hard problem with Twitter as well. Not because I like what Musk is doing, he's been a jerk lately. But because anyway I read there only certain type of content and I don't participate in a shit posting.

Also, I kinda like this NotePD platform these days (100 days streak here).

So about Mastodon, I analyzed the insights of the long-term users.


    1. There's no algorithm here.

    Favoriting/liking doesn't do anything except communicate your 👌🏻 to the poster and others.

    2. No algorithm means

    "retweeting" is the single method to increase a post's visibility.

    3. No post-quoting here

    Quoted tweets on Twitter were mostly about hurting someone and sharing your toxicity. IMO.

    4. There's no direct word-search

    You will need to use hashtags to make posts more searchable. For me, this brings us back to the initial idea behind the hashtags when they were first introduced.

    5. It's encouraged to put in text descriptions when you post images.

    A lot of Mastodon users use screen readers due to various disabilities, and getting an image description read out loud helps them immensely.

    6. Additionally to the screen-readers.

    Using capitalization in your hashtags allows the screen-readers to read them more easily, especially if you're smashing multiple words together. #rockmusic = unreadable. #RockMusic = readable.

    7. Content Warnings should be used more liberally here.

    This is the culture built in the network, to respect each other's mental health.

    8. DMs are just posts with privacy settings.

    So if you @ someone in a DM, you pull them into the thread. That could be embarrassing.

    9. Also, no, DMs aren't end-to-end encrypted, but they aren't on Twitter either.

    Don't use either if you want true privacy.

    10. Including your Mastodon handle in your Twitter profile will help people find you here

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