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Spiritual Technology - Rewiring Your Brain


Neuroscience swears by it.

Limitless Mind

Smarter Brain

    1. Holiness created me holy.

    2. Kindness created me kind.

    3. Helpfulness created me helpful.

    4. Perfection created me perfect, now not later.

    5. Love created me loving.

    6. Beauty created me beautiful.

    7. Brilliance created me brilliant.

    8. Silence - Allow this to be the entire focus of your attention.

    9. Happiness created me happy now.

    10. Eternity created me eternal.

    11. Safety created me very safe.

    12. Peacefulness created me peaceful.

    13. This will help you undo your definition of what of what God is.

    Your definition of God: Some old guy up in the sky with judgment book in hand deciding who's been naughty and who's been nice.
    You see a judmental God.
    You see a punitive God.
    You see an angry God.
    You see a weak God.
    You see a fickle God.
    You see a jealous God.
    You see a limited God.
    You say there is no God.
    Isn't this your definition of God?
    What a dreadful description of God.
    If you perceive God in this manner, you will view yourself as being identical.

    14. Let these thoughts replace the ones you have.

    This is a spiritual rewiring of your brain.
    We are so preoccupied with these false images of ourselves that we have to keep repeating these ideas to ourself.
    It takes approximately 15 seconds of focus before these Truths can get rewired into your brain.
    Holiness created me holy.
    Kindness created me kind.
    Helpfulness created me helpful.
    Perfection created me perfect, now not later.
    Love created me loving.
    Beauty created me beautiful.
    Brilliance created me brilliant.
    Happiness created me happy now.
    Eternity created me eternal.
    Safety, created me very safe.
    You can only be an outpouring of that which created you.
    You can call it God, Love, The Great Mystery, The Quantum Field, or ?.
    You are refreshed, recreated, and reborn every nanosecond by Love.
    All you have to do is - Tune In.

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