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Spreads I Need In My Next Bullet Journal

I accidentally bought a notebook with blank pages rather than the dotted grid I like. My last one was a softcover and I found I didn't use it for much beyond daily logging/to-do lists. I'm hoping to do better in this next one.

    1. New Weekly Spread

    I'm not sure my weekly spread is cutting it anymore. I've seen some others online and I may copy or adapt them

    2. 3-Month Future Log

    3. Monthly Log (Starting With March)

    4. Tracking My Tinnitus

    Ideally, I would be able to quantify it more than once per day, and correlate it to other factors like work stress, exercise, and sleep....

    5. Map Of The Day

    I don't want a daily planner as I find them too constrictive to use, but I wouldn't mind a blueprint of what I would like my weekdays to look like, and maybe have a way to track (and therefore reward myself) for when I hit the right marks; e.g. exercise in the morning, journal at night, etc.

    6. Reading Log

    I think this could help fuel my Idea Lists if I jotted down a note about what I read that day.

    7. Weekly Reflection

    Separate (probably) from the weekly spread, which is more about planning and overview, I think looking back over the past week could be helpful with mental health, organization, and simply optimizing the journaling practice.

    8. Monthly Log

    9. Mood Tracking

    10. Habit Tracking

    Weighing myself, medication, rehab exercises, meditation, water intake...

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