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Staple foods of my kitchen

I don't keep a lot of the conventional American staples in my kitchen. I frequently don't have milk, bread, sugar, or wheat flour. Here are some things I always must have in my kitchen.

Staple foods of my kitchen

    1. Kerrygold Irish grass-fed butter

    My favorite fat for cooking

    2. "I Can't Feel My Face" hot pepper flakes from Flatiron Pepper Co.

    My wife and I have built up such a tolerance for spicy foods that only this seems hot enough. It's so hot that when some of the dust gets in the air, you start sneezing. Dogs run away at the just the smell of it. One flake getting in my kids' food makes them run for milk. Good stuff.

    3. Sweet potato starch

    Great for fried Asian foods like Taiwanese fried chicken!

    4. Peanut oil

    For any frying activities

    5. Adobo seasoning and Kinder's seasoning

    I use these to season just about everything in place of salt and pepper.

    6. Boneless skinless chicken thighs

    My protein of choice for many things I cook. I buy about 6 pounds of chicken thighs every week to feed my family of five.

    7. Romaine salad

    I try to include vegetables with every meal, and Romaine salad is the go-to in a pinch

    8. Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce

    One of my favorite sauces since I was a kid. Awesome on broiled fish or seared in burgers and steaks.

    9. Rice

    I typically have sushi rice, brown rice, Basmati rice, and parboiled rice in stock at all times

    10. Almond milk and oat milk

    Almond milk for protein shakes, oat milk for my coffee

    11. Coffee

    Regular coffee for when I'm drinking caffeine, decaffeinated coffee for when I'm not, but I always have coffee in the kitchen

    12. Sparkling water

    I have normal soda maybe once a year or two? For the past several years I've been drinking flavored sparkling water instead of soda. I'm too old for soda now.

    13. Avocado oil

    For general stovetop cooking

    14. Nuts

    I keep lots of different types of nuts in the pantry for snacking. I figure it's healthier than chips or cookies.

    15. Baby cut carrots

    Very versatile. I can chop them up and cook with them, or give them to the rabbits or dog in my household as treats.

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