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Start a habit of taking action from books/ courses

I‘ve read a lot of books that are filled with good advice. In the best scenarios, I’ve taken one idea and implemented it, but there are lots of ideas that I read, but never implemented. For the next 30 Days, i want to take info from the books or classes I’m reading and put an action in place for a week.


    1. I’m taking a decorating class

    I’ll implement an action to make my house more joyful. This week I need to declutter an area.

    2. My class on the Interior Castle

    I will try to do contemplative prayer every day for the rest of the week.

    3. My writing class

    This week - he’s been talking about writing in a character’s strong voice to draw the reader in. I’ll try to implement his ideas in the story I’m writing this week.

    4. He asked us to type out the opening for a story that pulled people in to see what they are doing

    I found a great story - the Bairnell Dig - that is amazing writing. I will type out the opening to try to understand what he did.

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