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Starting our own Smallholding

I've generated this using AI Nicola! I'll write some more about our smallholding adventure. Maybe tomorrow!

    1. Adventure

    A quick update on our latest adventure! We have decided to embark on the exciting journey of starting our own smallholding. It's something we've been contemplating for a while now, and after attending monthly farmers' group meetings and immersing ourselves in the local farming community, we feel ready to take the plunge.

    2. Lifestyle

    Not being farmers ourselves, we initially joined the farmers' group out of curiosity and to support my husband, Chris, who was invited to speak at one of their events. Little did we know that this would ignite our passion for the farming lifestyle and lead us down this path towards starting our own smallholding.

    3. Animals

    One of the things that has truly fascinated us is the connection between farmers and their animals. We have been fortunate enough to be invited by various farmers to visit their cows and sheep, and it has been an enlightening experience. While we may not be experts in animal husbandry, we have learned enough to engage in meaningful conversations about cows, sheep, and the joys and challenges of raising them.

    4. Community

    Our farming connections have also opened doors for us to source local wood and meat, which aligns perfectly with our commitment to supporting local businesses and reducing our carbon footprint. Being able to buy directly from the farmers not only ensures the freshness and quality of the products but also allows us to forge deeper connections with the community.

    5. Warm Welcome

    One of the main reasons we decided to pursue our smallholding dream is the warm and welcoming nature of the Derbyshire community. In our previous location, we often felt like outsiders, struggling to connect due to Chris's visual impairment. However, since moving to Derbyshire, we have been embraced with open arms. Everywhere we go, we are treated as friends, and we have finally found a place where we truly belong.

    6. Planning

    Starting our own smallholding is an endeavour that requires careful planning and organisation. We have created a 12-month plan, using a simple printable with individual boxes for each month. This allows us to map out our projects, set goals, and track our progress. It's incredible to see the whole vision laid out on a single sheet of paper, and it gives us a sense of clarity and direction.

    7. Content

    As we embark on this journey, we are also exploring various avenues to document and share our experiences. I have already set up my YouTube channel, where I plan on creating shorts, or what I like to call 'Tiny Videos,' showcasing snippets of our life on the smallholding. Additionally, we have started a podcast to share our stories, insights, and lessons learned along the way.

    8. Project

    Our smallholding will not only be a personal project but also an opportunity for others to join in. We are in the process of setting up the Tiny Project, which will run for 12 months with a different theme each month. This will allow us to engage with like-minded individuals, exchange knowledge, and build a supportive community around our smallholding venture.

    9. New Journey

    We are incredibly excited about this new chapter in our lives. The prospect of tending to our own land, caring for animals, and immersing ourselves in the farming lifestyle fills us with a profound sense of fulfillment. It's a dream we never thought would become a reality, but here we are, taking the first steps towards our own smallholding. We can't wait to share this journey with all of you!

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