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Staying humble = how to develop this super power?

Being humble here doesnot mean weak. A lot of brightest minds and leaders share this awesome quality.

Some practical 💡 ideas

    1. Interview for a new challenging role where you are not an expert yet. By default it puts you out of comfort zone.

    In current role, most likely that you are an expert. Putting yourself in an uncomfortable position for 60 mins is very refreshing. You get more ideas on topics you might have not thought of to explore.

    2. Clear your mind and focus on listening to understand.

    I mean focus 100% and be present in the conversation. No judgement.

    3. Keep learning daily. Turn it into life time habbit.

    In one of the recent books, I read an idea that most of the time we are trained to learn something new in order to get something. New skill - to get closer to the next position, another certificate - to get promoted ( I am simplifying here :))), another subject - to pass an exam etc.

    While the power is in lifetime learning. You will age to be an inspiration to others, not a bunch of certificates...

    4. Talk to people older than you with all respect. Ask few questions for their view or opinion.You might not know their history and each person is a treasury of new concepts that you havenot thought about.

    5. Ask your kids about their opinion for example, how to build a career or next job they recommend you. You will be genuinely surprised to discover a new perspective about your own future.

    6. Pets. They know if you are trustworthy. Gaining trust of your pet will teach you a lot of things ( being humble is one of them).

    7. Watch a movie. Try to find the qualities in the heros you liked that you do not posess and consider what it would take you to get there. Makes you feel humble realising the gap.

    8. Think of at least couple world leaders that you respect. Imagine the number of lives that might be impacted by thier decisions. Think what you would do in couple of cases if you were them...

    9. Practice patience. Sometimes things happen when it is best. I am not a futurist but if you cannot speed up some processes or events, try to wait patiently while focusing on other things of value.

    10. Mind your attitude. Growth mindset daily practice is an awesome tool to help in your own life and be mindful of others. Small things make big difference.

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