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Steamy Windows: Bad Ideas Have Sex

    1. Car + Logo + Software

    I've seen the led signs where you can put phrases, in car windows. What if you created a website where you sell the Led signs plus created the logo for companies

    2. Car + Pool

    No A/C on long car trips? Create "Pool in the Car" for those hot summer days. A custom liner that fits any vehicle keeps you cool. The patented pump will fill an entire Camry in under ten min. Don't forget to keep the windows down!

    3. Car + Wine Press

    Carpooling companions always sitting there doing nothing? Just like in the olden days your shotgun companion can squish and squeeze grapes into amazing wine all while on the ride to work.

    4. Car + Bar Games

    Now you don't have to wait to go to the bar to throw some darts. Simply hang from the rear view mirror and attach the sticky tape. It's that easy. Now everyone will want to ride in the back.

    Also comes with our designated driver helmet pad, just in case!

    5. Steering Wheel + Tac

    If your stearingwheel has seen better days simply apply Steer Tac. Guaranteed to keep your hands at ten and two.

    6. Tesla + Switch

    Instead of having your kids sit at home all day and not learn any life skills. They can learn how to drive from the car seat. The realistic game brings all the characters your kids love to the interactive game.

    Preinstalled game - Chicken: Road King, Battle of The Ages

    7. Grill + Car

    This summer enjoy your road trips with a center consul grill. Fits most vehicles, and comes with a free bag of charcoal min-briquets.

    Get it today and you will get the solar-powered corn lens. Place on your front windshield (passenger side). Using the sun's rays, this highly calibrated lens will cook your corn in under 10 minutes.

    8. Car + Dog Sling

    If your dog is anything like mine, they love to stick their head out the window. With the dog sling your dog will only be a rolled-down window away. No more fumbling around trying to sit in your lap. And they can experience all the wind.

    9. Car + Acupuncture

    Sore back from sitting too long on those long drives? Acupuncture has cured what ales you for centuries and now you don't have to make an appointment. Simply install the easy-to-use car sleave with one try. You want to keep your eyes on the road. Download the free app and adjust the needles to hit the exact nerve to relieve sore lower backs.

    10. Car + Velcro

    Tired of your foot slipping off the peddle? Well no more with velcro stay. Slip on the one size fits all bootie and place the elastic break and gas peddle pad. Whammo! No More Slipping.

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