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Here's a few beliefs that I disagree with. 

    1. Trans women are real women

    How often does someone's sex matter? If you want kids sure. But that reduces the world down to one person (or a handful of people if you want kids with multiple people). If you treat the majority of women in such a way that you don't care about their sex why not include trans women ? 

    2. The earth is flat

    Attach a rope to a cup, fill cup with water, spin cup around your head. The water is pushed into the back of the cup which stops spillage. The sun's us, the cups the earth. From a distance a cup looks flat. Defenetly not spherical. 


    3. Hate Crime is worse than non hate crime

    Crime sucks, but if we can change why we were targeted we can prevent it in the future. But if you can't change it it will continue to happen. 1 Crime is better than 100 meaning hate Crime is worse. 

    4. Women don't need to take safety messures

    Why shouldn't a woman dress like a slut and walk through dark streets alone at night? No woman wants to look ugly and who wants to listen to drunk people all the way home? The simple solution is educating men so they know that rape is bad (I also believe that if a man rapes without the knowledge that it's wrong he should be educated and set free. Noone should be punished for something they where unaware of). 

    I made a song to help educate Men. Please share so we can save more woman -

    5. Covid vaccine contains microchips

    As we know we are constantly tracked on our phones. Location and personal data are shared with the government. But sometimes our phones die. We leave them at home. They're stolen. In these cases we're off the grid and that's dangerous hence the chip. It allows us to be watched all the time. As we know electronics need updated, hence the booster. 

    6. Only black people should say the N word

    In the past white people used it in a hateful manner to degrade black people. So even if a white person says it now with no apparent hatred we should still assume their hateful and just really good at hiding it, because people with the same skin color are all the same. If they where evil in the past they must be just as evil now. Remember Hitler was white, he also had a mostash, don't trust anyone with them it's a disguise used to hide all the evil behind it. 

    7. Alcahol is good for you

    If it's soo bad for you why does it feel so good to consume? Checkmate. 

    8. Pedos should be added to lgbt+

    The lgbt Community is about uniting minorities who have been hated on throughout history. Who's more hated than pedos? Noone. That's why they deserve to be included. The fact that they are so hated pushes me to fight that they should be included first plgbt+

    And parents should be changed a Hate Crime if they refuse to let their children date these adults. Love is love. 

    9. Mental health is real

    So many people claim to have it, doctors give out medication, charities have been set up to talk about it. Are they all in on it? 

    10. Trump deserves to be in jail

    As we know 95% of the news is fake. But 100% of trump related news says he should be in jail. Even if only 5% is True that's proof that he should be locked up for life. Disgusting. 

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