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Stocks I Will Never Invest In

    1. Altria

    Cigarettes is a lucrative business. But also heavily regulated. Altria pays out a lot of money in dividends.

    I think the government will continue efforts to kill this industry.

    2. AAL, DAL, UAL

    There are so many reasons not to invest in airlines.

    3. MGM

    Gambling is a lucrative business, but with heavy regulation it is a slow growing business. Also heavily relies on travel.

    4. Macy’s

    I do not see Macy's innovating enough to make it worth investment.

    5. Peloton - PTON

    I never invested in it during the pandemic and won't start any time soon. Fitness has always been a difficult industry.

    6. Wells Fargo Bank - WFC

    One of the nations largest banks, but I do not think management has changed enough since the scandal to be an investable business.

    7. China stocks




    Investing in China is not advisable with the current economic and government climate. Even if a business has good performance that can easily be taken away with a new policy.

    8. OXY, KMI, MPC

    Big oil companies will probably survive the change in energy policy in the next few decades, but the small -

    mid level oil companies might not make it. And I am not good at determining the future price of oil and how the effects certain businesses.

    9. EBAY

    I'm unclear about the future growth of this market place.

    10. GE

    It is too hard to understand the different segments of this business and how they interrelate

    11. Discover - DFS

    There is a lot of competition in the credit card - payment processing space. I would rather invest in the bigger credit card players than Discover.

    12. DHI, LEN

    I don't want to invest in home builder. There are way too many factors that can make or break a home builders profitability.

    - Interest rates

    - labor

    - land

    - Input supplies

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