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Stoic Discussion

We have a Stoic meeting on Tuesday. What could we talk about?

Stoic Discussion

    1. What got you into Stoicism?

    A good first question that will allow us to know more about each other. This may lead to more on the spot questions in order to delve deeper into their answers.

    2. When have you used stoicism to help you through tough times?

    It really helped me when I was in the mist of trouble a while back, I think it would be fun to hear others stories and how they got through bit. Many stay stuck/get worse, if I can gather new ways on how to get through tough times I'm sure they'll provide value in the future.

    3. What (if any) do you disagree with in regards to Stoic philosophy?

    I've seen a lot of people talk about parts they disagree with. Almost all of the time it's due to not understanding temperance and saying they disagree with extremes. So do the stoics, balance in all things. This might be a gotta question, but if they can provide other disagreements it be interested in hearing why.

    4. What is your favourite quote? why?

    I love collecting quotes. Maybe it will provide me with new t-shirt ideas. I also think others would enjoy sharing/hearing quotes.

    5. How would you introduce someone to stoicism?

    I might open the event up to friends and see if they're interested in learning more. if not this one then a future event. I think having a philosophy to follow would help a lot of struggling people. Would it? That could be a fun discussion.

    6. Can stoicism solve the mental health crisis?

    I think it could it would be nice to hear others views.

    7. What stoic activities do you recommend? Why?

    Journaling, meditating voluntary discomfort etc. I use lot's daily if no-one else does id be happy to share a few. If they do have some I could incorporate them into new comics.

    8. How has stoicism changed you?

    if you haven't changed then what's the point? This should lead to some fun growth stories.

    9. What books do you recommend?

    It gives everyone something to go home with.

    10. Would you be interested in buying stoic based clothing?

    You would! Great. Then check out

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