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Stories of my life

Thanks @roccodesta!

These are memories rather than stories.


    1. 17 years old: Scotland trip with my best friend, throwing a knife at each other for fun

    Frightening thing to look back on: we were on a grass field, a few dozen meters away from each other, throwing a knife in the other's direction to let it stick into the grass.

    2. 23 years old: Moving to Toronto and feeling extremely lonely

    3. 11 years old: Breaking my leg while rollerblading at the seaside and crashing into a restaurant window

    4. 18 years old: Moving to Edinburgh to find a job and leaving after a couple of months because I failed

    5. 18 years old: Couchsurfing in Tehran

    6. 23 years old: Volunteering at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal

    And then again at 24 years old.

    7. 26 years old: Spending two and a half months in Mexico

    Rave party in the jungle.

    8. 21 years old: Getting accepted to write for Le Gorafi and calling my dad

    It's the French equivalent of The Onion.

    9. 16 years old: Doing stand up in NYC

    I didn't start doing it regularly from then on, but it was the first time.

    10. 13 years old: Psychiatric day hospital for a few months

    11. 11 years old: Spraining my ankle and getting sunburned in Crete

    Huh, must have been a few months before the broken leg.

    12. 8 or 9 years old: Tying my shoelaces from both my shoes together at a library reading with school, not being able to untie them, and having to walk back to school with the whole class like that

    Terrifying memory. I think the teacher tried to untie it and then was like "fuck it". We may have succeeded at some point. Maybe with scissors? Can't remember.

    13. 10 years old: school trip in Normandy

    While I did miss home during this ten-day trip, it was the one school year when I actually felt fairly comfortable with myself and others, and this trip was nice. I impressed other kids by knowing the word "urine" (it's the same in French).

    14. 5? 6? 7 years old?: Trying skiing and hitting a tree

    15. 21 years old: My girlfriend yelling at me on the phone and insulting me because I was spending time with friends at Disneyland

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