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Strategies I am employing to convert a set-back into a positive.

I spent a long time working on a draft list yesterday, clicked on 'Update Draft', but when I returned to finish it, my work had disappeared. This morning, I spent a while longer on it and was practically finished. Clicked 'Update Draft', and again, when I returned the list had reverted to an old form! As an impulsive person, I was immensely frustrated, but I won't let this set-back ruin my day. In fact, I think there are ways to use this as an opportunity for growth.

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    1. Reflecting on how this set-back can be perceived positively.

    The list I was drafting was about my experiences with psychedelics, and the process of writing it was helpful in clarifying my thoughts with myself.

    Also, I sent in a bug report to NotePD. Hopefully my set-back can help this platform improve!

    My set-back is also an opportunity to train my mind, to build resilience and not allow minor inconveniences to snowball into something much worse.

    2. Writing this list.

    This process is helping to cement healthy strategies to cope with frustration and stress.

    3. Shopping for groceries to make a healthy breakfast.

    Not only a distraction, but also treating my body and mind respectfully.

    4. 10 minute mindfulness meditation.

    Today, I focused on labelling. When thoughts entered my mind, I silently thought, 'thoughts', helping them to pass through me without giving them too much power.

    5. Going outdoors for a walk and to record some sounds.

    I love field recording, so I plan to spend my afternoon listening to the sounds of nature. This helps me to feel a part of something infinitely beyond myself.

    6. Writing physical lists.

    I bought some notepads, and plan to write down all the important tasks ahead of me, creating more space in my mind for this moment.

    7. Watching some stand-up comedy on Netflix.

    This is what I did last night, as a distraction when I realised my work had been lost. If you haven't checked out Neil Brennan's new special 'Blocks' on Netflix, I highly recommend it! It definitely helped me to focus on the bigger picture and have a laugh at the same time.

    8. Lifting weights.

    This will help me to bring my attention towards my body and away from my thoughts, while also energising me and fuelling a sense of accomplishment.

    9. Listening to music.

    I may revisit my gratitude playlist (posted here a couple days ago). Or the new(ish) Black Thought and Danger Mouse album.

    10. Doing something creative.

    If I have the time, I will continue working on my music video project, to get the dopamine pumping.

    11. Cleaning the house

    An easy dopaminergic strategy.

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