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Student Loan Relief is Unfair!

Actually, this post is about ERC Loans, which I haven't heard anyone say a word about.


    1. What is ERC?

    The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a payroll tax refund from the United States Treasury Department applicable to businesses who kept employees on payroll during the pandemic.

    2. What do people get?

    Up to 26k per employee!

    3. What about PPP?

    These people already got PPP. It's another round of free money that most businesses DO NOT need.

    4. Anecdotal Points

    I know several people who have gotten, or will get ERC soon. One may get over $1m for their business. Another friend got well over 150k and he is against student loan forgiveness! I love the hypocrisy.

    5. Student Loan relief is up to 10k per person

    6. Or 20k if they were ever on a Pell Grant

    7. What a scam

    8. This does not help inflation

    9. This money WILL NOT be put back into most businesses

    10. It will be used to buy boats, cars, and new bathrooms in their homes

    Which is great for the economy and those people. But, please don't listen when people whine about student loan relief and don't bring up ERC.

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