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Stuff I plan to do this Thanksgiving Week

I have sadly not had a real week of vacation for a long time. So this upcoming week feels like a party about to happen!!! Don't judge the list - I'm a 5 on the Enneagram - so all of this is like Disneyland for me - it may not bee your cup of tea. Here is what I plan to do. On the other hand, some of it is a list of Chores that I have needed to address for MONTHS. Mix of Heaven and Hell. Read on.


    1. Focus on Wanikani and get to Level 9

    2. Read Tale of Two Cities again - as part of Hardcore Lit Club

    3. I would like to finish either fixing the drawer or the fan

    I have a drawer my cat broke off the front to and I have to fix it. Or a bathroom ceiling fan that I need to figure out what happened to it. It no longer runs.

    4. Declutter my house

    5. Knit

    I have at least 10 projects in flight to choose from!!!

    6. Finish this week's story

    7. Create an author's page

    8. Write another story

    9. Submit two stories to magazines

    10. Figure out how topic modeling using Plsa works.

    I have been trying to take a Data Visualization course and I am stuck on a problem that I should be able to solve. It's infuriating.

    11. Review the DISC and Enneagram and Emotional Intelligence assessments I just took and identify action plans to work on next year

    12. Read some manga

    13. Play a new TTPRG I just bought - Floating Bookstore.

    14. Play Baldur's Gate 3

    15. Play some Diablo4

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