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Abundance not scarcity

    1. Success is failing with enthusiasm

    Identify your fears and determine to overcome them

    2. Every job/gig is a self-portrait

    Take pride in your work - to be competent you must first start with your mental attitude that you will commit to it with creativity, enthusiasm and maturity - which leads to self-confidence

    3. Re recommendable

    Make it easy - build it into your marketing and service plans

    4. Be the best person/business/service to get your customers/clients what they want

    Show them how to get what they want

    5. We are all equal - we all have 168 hours/week

    Guard your time

    6. Procrastination is dying on the installment plan

    Although if you have ADHD, you can use procrastination to your benefit - once you get tired on one thing you’re working on - switch to another thing you’re working on - then go back to the first thing and continue - for instance, if you are doing mental/focus/concentration work, then cycle that with something that you need to do that doesn’t require mental focus

    7. Know what you want

    When desire and imagination are in conflict, imagination will win if you visualize it with all your 5 senses - if you are capable of having something, remember, you will be able to imagine it/visualize it

    8. Pay the price

    We are what we repeatedly do - excellence is a habit - and YOU ARE WHO YOU WANT TO BE - you can’t escape this fact - you’re responsible for your own life

    9. Sacrifice

    You won’t be able to do everything you want until you reach a certain level of success

    10. Expect it

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