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Summer Holiday - Rome

It's needed. I really want to check out Rome. Here's a few things I'd like to see /do.

    1. Stoic landmarks

    In the last few years I've gotten really into stoicism. I know that Marcus Aurelius was a roman emperor so surely there must be some hidden stoic spots worth checking out.

    2. Landmarks

    I'm sure they're all close enough together that writing a new idea for each one seems like cheating. I can't visit Rome without a few photos of these landmarks.

    3. Food

    Pizza and pasta are my favourite foods. Being able to have Italian food for a week (or longer) sounds like heaven.

    4. Venice

    A day trip to Venice would be nice. It's so different from other cities that exploring is bound to lead to me finding a lot of exciting things.

    5. Da vinci /artists in general

    I love art. I can't visit Italy without seeing some of the greatest works of art. I'm not sure where to find them, but I'm sure a quick Google search will lead me to plenty of art worth seeing.

    6. Explore

    A walk just to explore. I always find fun spots that are never mentioned in things too do /see lists.

    7. Night life

    How do the Italians party? Maybe I can make new friends. Maybe I can get recommendations on what to do /see.

    8. Coffee

    I love coffee. Sitting out on the sun at a local coffee shop sounds like a perfect way to relax after exploring.

    9. Pyramid of Cestius

    The only Egyptian pyramid, located in Europe . It'd be fun to see just for the novalty

    10. Roman bath

    Are they still in use? I love a bath. Bathing in a roman bath could be a nice way to relax and unwind.

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