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reflection symmetry

    1. The idea that the same outcomes can be achieved in different ways

    2. Put an idea into practice and another idea will appear

    3. Put an idea into practice and you will attract the people who can help you with that idea

    4. A bad idea is just a good idea that has not been put into practice yet

    5. An idea + action = result. Action is the more important part of this equation. Without action, there is no result, even if the idea was good.

    e.g., I wrote a book about how to write a novel and make money doing it (which I did). But I didn't take any action on that until six years later when I wrote my own novel (and made money).

    I had all sorts of ideas for other businesses but always found reasons not to take action on them. And so they never materialized (yet). So I guess this means...

    An Idea + Action = Reality but Reality = Reality PLUS Action so don't forget that part!

    (Of course, sometimes reality is "you're broke" or "you're dead".)

    But most of the time, reality is what you make it if you take action on your ideas and other people's ideas as well.

    You have to put yourself out there to get back what you give out there (this is why rejection hurts so much - because we are giving our energy to someone else when we ask for help or feedback from them).
    So putting an idea into practice doesn't mean it will work but it does mean it will not remain an unfulfilled thought in your head forever more. Which might be worse than never having had the thought at all! [1] [1]:
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