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Take Yourself Seriously

Have respect for your own view of the world (as long as you arrived at it based on your own independent assessment & not something you’ve been told)

    1. You have a unique nature - you are one of a kind

    Find your own way of life that suits your nature & offers you freedom & happiness

    2. Your views about your life are far more important than what anyone else thinks or says

    Your views about your life are far more important than mine - authentic you may attract others who have thought about the same things that you like - this is a pool of human beings who may become friends and/or have been able to bridge differences based on interests/friendships

    3. Find a way to live your own life on your own terms

    Grow into your own authenticity

    4. What restrictions do you need to eliminate in order to live your best life?

    Your own personal freedom is ultimately more important than trying to make a free society. A truly free society would need to be composed of independently free persons.

    5. Don’t WASTE your precious time (your life)

    Trying to tell other people how to live or trying to remake society

    6. There are so many wonderful things in life that do not involve spending money

    Why would you want to give up anything that makes you happy & gives you enjoyment in order to tell other people (or demand) how they live?

    7. We wish things were better but we don’t do anything

    Just start with yourself & what you can do directly without having to convince anyone of the rightness of your actions - if you bring something valuable based on your talents you will become like a ripple - more people might be convinced by your actions in your own life

    8. Think about freedom from the urge to control others

    Put down the burden. It’s not necessary to control others in order to change your own life.

    9. The actions of others are not my responsibility

    They are responsible for their own actions & their own consequences of those actions

    10. Those who aspire to political office usually are only interested in consolidating their own power over other people

    When you lose the urge to control others, you eliminate the “need” to hate or fear others, but the consolidating powers divide people declaring they must hate & fear “the other” thereby convincing you to give up your personal power

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