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Teach the most essential things about your occupation or hobby in 10 ideas


    1. Practice what you preach

    We’ve seen all to often when character doesn’t follow claims, credibility is lost.

    2. Know your source material

    You can’t follow what you don’t know, let alone teach it.

    3. Leadership is servanthood

    “It’s not about me.“ Rick Warren

    ”Any Christian who isn’t a hero is a pig.” Leon Bloy

    4. Humility preempts humiliation.

    Beat others to the punch at recognizing your faults and weaknesses. It makes you more accessible and creates a healthier culture.

    5. Love covers a multitude of stupidity

    When we care for others, they tend to cut us slack when we eventually and frequently blow it.

    6. Be Ultraman, not Superman

    Get your strength from the Son. Recognize when you’re drained. Don’t try to do it all on you’re own.

    7. Remember what’s important

    Be committed to your calling but don’t sacrifice your family or sanity trying to please everyone.

    8. Lead with love, but lead

    At the end of the day, you’re a leader. Help your people move towards growth, even when it’s not fun or popular. Every person and organization drifts toward comfort and internal focus.

    9. Fight for Culture

    Similar to idea 8. A healthy, encouraging, safe and grace filled environment doesn’t happen accidentally.

    10. “Date the model, marry the mission” Andy Stanley

    The why never changes, but the how must constantly be evaluated for church health and community impact.

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